We invite teachers and schools to organise Polish-Jewish youth meetings!

  • How to start cooperation between schools from Lublin and Israel?
  • Who organises meetings and exchanges with youth from Israel in Lublin and Lublin voivodeship?
  • How to organise a meeting, what to expect?
  • How to start cooperation with Jewish youth from USA?

You can find all the answers on our website.
Please, find also the testimonies and meetings' documentation as well as a database of educational materials including scenarios of workshops for international groups.

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About the project

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Photo Gallery of Polish-Jewish workshops


In October and November, young people from Israel met with students of Lublin schools: Arts High School, Grabski High School No. 1 and Vetter Schools of Economics. Part of the meetings were thematic and integration workshops. In Zamoyski High School No. 2, a week-long exchange with students from Israel took place.

>> See photographs and description of the events (in Polish)

PORTALublin project was financed by the Orange Academy grant program (2010)
Coordinator for the Lublin Region