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“LublinLab” is a unique enterprise in the field of the cultural education carried out by the “Brama  Grodzka –Theatre NN” Centre in partnership with the Tadeusz Kościuszko Primary School No. 14 in Lublin, thanks to the financial backing from the Orange Academy.

In the course of a two-month “small medialab” – together with the students of the Primary School No. 14 in Lublin we identified and offered solutions for selected social problems of the contemporary Lublin, also in the sphere of the cultural heritage. During the work with children the mediaLab method was used. It is a form of activity which enables people to  collaborate and learn with the use of their skills embracing  various domains.
Within the framework of the project the students took part in many different kinds of workshops such as: group integration with the elements of creative problem solving, the history of Sławin and Sławinek districts, civil society, photography, journalism, spoken history.

The continuation of the project embraces a four-day meeting with the invited educators, artists, programmers, graphic designers. Their task is to make use of the materials prepared by the Minilab participants and to create scenarios of educational and internet multimedia applications changing Lublin. 
The culmination of the project is a presentation of the young and adult medialabers’ work  outcomes organized during the Orange Academy Week. (between the 24th May and the 1st June 2012).

The materials obtained during the whole project such as class scenarios and multimedia  applications are available free licensed on the Internet. By dint of this fact, each animator and educator would be able to apply them in their work.

Licencja Creative CommonsThe project is carried out within the framework of the Orange Academy. All materials available on the webpage of the "LublinLab", "Brama Grodzka -Theatre NN" Centre are on the license issued by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Poland