Wersja polska

Idea of the project


The years are passing by and horrifying incidents linked to the history of Lublin - the city we live in, are fading away. Who remembers these empty squares used to be a Jewish district? What can we do, to keep alive and filled with emotions rememberance about its inhabitants, murdered by nazi Germans? 


We often don't have any documents, and there aro no witnesses of those dramatic incidents. Sometimes, we discover somebody's name and that's all. We don't know anything about the person. We don't know what was their fate. This dramatic situation occured to be a starting point for a symbolic act - „Narratives”. We want to recall people, who are forgotten and don't exist anymore in our memories, people who were taken away their individual fate. In this project, we propose to write a short story for each of a name to reveal a real person beneath it. The story will be based only on the author's imagination. Writing even a short story will let us not only create an emotional connetion with those people, but will also be a form of a commemoration.


Among the people we can recall, are murdered kids from the Jewish orphanage and the inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto we know from the document which contains 4500 names. On the project website www.narratives.teatrnn.pl you can find names of the people whose stories you can rewrite.

It is very easy – you need only a pen and a sheet of paper. 


The most beautiful works will become a part of the artistic exhibition "Lublin. Memory of the Place" and also will be published on the webiste of the project.


/Artistic book using in project "Letters to Henio". Author: Dawid Szymański/