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Orphanage - 103 stories

It took place in Lublin, during World War II, March 1942 (according to one of the testimonies it was Purim, 4 a.m). Lublin ghetto was liquidated. 100 Jewish kids and their 3 sitters: A. Taubenfeld, H. Kuppefberg and P. Rechman were taken by the by Germans from the orphanage located on the Grodzka 11. All of them have been transported to the sand mine near the Bystrzyca river and shot dead. Reportedly, one of the kids, 12-year-old Donia managed to escape.


We propose, that youth will write 100 stories about children and 3 about sitters. Chosen stories could be read in front of the Jewish orphanage, which is nowadays a youth cultural center.


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Marsz Pamięci z okazji likwidacji Ochronki Dzieci z lubelskich szkół zapalają znicze przy budynku na Grodzkiej 12